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Nugget of Knowledge: Your teeth


Some fun facts about your teeth

(WYTV) – Your dominant hand is your dominant chewing side, so if you’re right-handed, you’ll tend to chew on your right side, left-handed, left side of your mouth.

The tooth enamel on the exterior of teeth is actually the strongest and most durable part of the body, stronger than your bones.

Only one third of a tooth is visible; most of the tooth is actually beneath your gums.

The Romans had no toothpaste as we know it. They used to make a paste out of broken eggshells, bones and ashes. The Romans were impressive with their dental technology. They were able to fix cavity filled teeth with gold crowns.

Cheese is good for your teeth; it puts down a protective layer which neutralizes the acid in plaque, but stick with toothpaste on your brush, not cheese whiz.

Before we had toothbrushes, people would clean their teeth with twigs.

Eating a leafy salad or steamed vegetables before eating a full meal can prevent staining on your teeth.

President George Washington did not wear dentures made of wood. Washington’s teeth were actually made of gold, ivory, lead and a mixture of human, donkey and hippopotamus teeth.

Drinking three or more glasses of soda a day contributes to 62% more tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss.

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