Nugget of Knowledge: Your habits and your genetics


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

These are traits you did not inherit from mom or dad.
This is your fault:

“I can’t do math.”
Basic math ability depends on hard work, preparation and self-confidence.

“I’m terrible with names.”
You are born with the ability to remember stuff, so don’t try blaming your genes for forgetting your wedding anniversary or the name of the person you just met.

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body!”
Developing creativity has much more to do with your own motivation and personal interest…it’s a myth that your mom or dad is at fault.

“I don’t have an ear for languages”
Yes, you do…we all do…you picked un English, didn’t you?
Science says what matters most is your attitude.

“I have no natural artistic ability”
What, your dad couldn’t draw a straight line, your mom colored outside the lines?
According to the journal LiveScience, with practice, anyone can improve all the mental power they need to draw well.

“I can’t dance…I have two left feet”
Okay, my own mother was a dance instructor in her 20’s, but that’s not how I learned the Jitterbug.
You may be footloose but you did not pick it up from mom or dad.

“I’m not tech savvy”
Bad at understanding new technology?
Your dad may have been Albert Einstein, but in reality, the skill sets you need to excel in computer science are not hardwired into your DNA…scientists are made, not born.

“I’m a klutz!”
No matter how accident-prone you think you are, you weren’t born that way..and your parents had nothing to do with it.

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