Nugget of Knowledge: World without humans


In 20 years, the Panama Canal would close, rejoining North and South America

(WYTV) – What would happen if there were no humans in the world?

In one week, the fuel would run out at the emergency generators that pump coolant into nuclear power plants. The 440 reactors around the world would begin to melt down.

After one year, head and body lice would become extinct because there would be no human heads and bodies.

Cockroaches would freeze to death — our homes wouldn’t be warming them anymore.

Our pets and farm animals would die in great numbers.

Three years later, pipes would burst, flooding cities with water.

In 20 years, the Panama Canal would close, rejoining North and South America.

Many crops would disappear as wild varieties took over.

In 300 years, most of the world’s bridges would fall, dams would fill up with silt and overflow, suburbs would have turned into forests and endangered species would come back.

In 100,000 years, microbes will have evolved to eat our plastics and plutonium bombs we’ve made today will become safe to handle.

Two-and-a-half million years from now, we will still be able to recognize bronze sculptures and the faces on Mt. Rushmore. Mt. Rushmore is eroding at the rate of one inch every 10,000 years.

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