Nugget of Knowledge: Where to find the tastiest Coca-Cola


McDonald's takes special care with the ingredients

(WYTV) – When did you last enjoy an ice-cold Coke at McDonald’s?

If you really like it, it’s because McDonald’s is very careful to make sure its Coca-Cola is better tasting than any competitor’s.

The Coke from McDonald’s is just like any Coke, anywhere: the formula doesn’t change. However, McDonald’s takes special care with the ingredients.

The Coke syrup that comes to restaurants arrives in plastic bags, but Coca-Cola, by special agreement, sends its syrup to McDonald’s in stainless steel drums.

This is to preserve the syrup better and keep it fresher.

Instead of storing the water for the soda in the soda fountain as many restaurants do, McDonald’s uses insulated tubes to take it directly from the refrigerator to the dispenser when you’re ready for it.

The colder the liquid, the better; it traps carbon dioxide bubbles and keeps the Coke fizzy longer.

McDonald’s adjusts the syrup-to-water ratio to account for the ice melting in your cup.

Finally, the straws at McDonald’s are slightly wider than regular straws, so that your first sip is packed with flavor.

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