YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Weirton, West Virginia in the northern panhandle is a city of 20,000 that is the only city in America that has two different states on opposite sides.

Weirton sits in a five-mile gap between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Steubenville, Ohio is on the west, and Paris, Pennsylvania on the east.

Weirton was the site of Steven Speilberg’s movie “Super 8” in 2010.

A century ago, Weirton was the country’s fifth-largest producer of steel.

It’s called a bedroom community to Pittsburgh. You work in Pennsylvania but come home to Weirton to live because the cost of living is lower.

You’ll find this one town in one state with two states close by in only two other places in the United States: Memphis, Tennessee (cross the Mississippi and you’re in Arkansas, go south and you’re in Mississippi) and Dubuque, Iowa (cross the Mississippi and you’re in either Wisconsin or Illinois)

Weirton is the only city sandwiched between two states, however.

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