Nugget of Knowledge: Top entertainment earnings


Which entertainment product has been the most successful when it comes to making money?

(WYTV) – Think of movies, plays, albums, video games — consider them all entertainment products.

Which has been the most successful when it comes to making money?

How about “Avengers Endgame?” No movie made more money. It made $2.8 billion, pushing “Avatar” down to second place and Titanic to third place.

But, let’s take inflation into account. Then 1939’s “Gone with the Wind” made $3.44 billion.

Anything higher?

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s play “Phantom of the Opera” has grossed more than $6 billion since its 1988 Broadway debut.

The 2013 video game “Grand Theft Auto: 5” cleared $6 billion in 2018 alone.

Have we reached the top with the stage play “The Lion King?”

Since debuting in 1997, the stage show has grossed $9.1 billion.

It’s going to be hard to top $9 billion for a single piece of entertainment, unless you take inflation into account one more time.

In 1978, we started to play an arcade game called “Space Invaders.”

Talk inflation and this game has made $13.9 billion, and what’s more, it made it 25 cents at a time.

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