Nugget of Knowledge: This product surges in sales before natural disasters


Walmart added this food item to its emergency merchandise list

(WYTV) – According to the New York Times, there is one food Walmart always stocks up on before a hurricane.

You know people will want water and bread, but this product comes in a special flavor.

The item on many people’s lists? Strawberry Pop-Tarts.

Strawberry Pop-Tarts are a huge seller before and after big storms. Walmart sells seven times the normal rate of strawberry Pop-Tarts ahead of a hurricane.

The toaster pastries were on Walmart’s emergency merchandise list when Hurricane Florence roared through the Carolinas in 2018. More than 350,000 boxes went out to stores in the region before and after Florence.

Walmart studied customer shopping data during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in 2017 to see how many boxes of strawberry Pop-Tarts should be shipped out for Hurricane Florence.

So why Pop-Tarts?

You can eat them without toasting if your power is out, and Pop-Tarts were made to be shipped and stored without refrigeration. They are made to last sitting in a cabinet or on store shelves for a while.

Walmart had been looking through its customers’ histories after Hurricane Charley in 2004 to see if it could start predicting what shoppers’ needs would be before big storms.

Walmart had no idea strawberry Pop-Tarts were such a big storm seller. And why strawberry? Apparently, it’s the favorite flavor.

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