Nugget of Knowledge: The science of inheritance


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(WYTV) – The science of inheritance is complicated, but we have a few ideas on how our genes work, what we get from mom and dad.

This comes to us from the Genetic Counseling Program at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Your metabolism — how easy it might be for you to lose weight — you get from your mother, but if you find yourself putting on weight all too easily, that’s your dad’s fault.

Another trait that you get from your mom is your intelligence as well as your ability to focus on what’s important to you.

Did you reach puberty early, say before age eight in girls and nine in boys?

That may be due to a gene you inherit from your father, and that comes from a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

How about your wrinkles, laugh lines and gray hair?

How well you age and how much you show it depends a lot on how you’ve lived your life, of course, but a lot also comes from your mom.

Blame her if you think you look old.

And mothers can influence your mood in many ways.

The Journal of Neuroscience reports that daughters more so than sons inherit their mood from their mothers.

And a new study in Biological Psychiatry says the genetic risk for Alzheimer’s comes from your mother.

And one more, this one from the Journal of Science. A woman’s ability to have children may be affected by a gene she inherited from her father.

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