Nugget of Knowledge: The happiness curve


A recent study pinpointed our unhappiest age

(WYTV) – At what age are we the unhappiest? Is there an unhappiest age?

According to a recent study from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, we are most unhappy in our late 40s; in fact, it’s age 47.

We were happier in our 20s and 30s, and then happiness began to go downhill. Then, it increases through our 50s and 60s, like a big U.

The professors at Dartmouth College found this unhappy dip in 132 countries and across most cultures.

When you’re younger, you’re not tied down with responsibilities, and it seems anything is possible.

By midlife, you’ve got a mortgage to pay and teenagers to look after. Your body is starting to feel aches and pains, and there’s less novelty in life. All of the things you were looking forward to may never have happened and are not likely to happen.

Then, when you’re older, your children are grown up, you have less responsibility, you might be retired and you have more control over your life again.

You’ve built up life experience to help you deal better with any negative life events. You become more grateful for the things that you do have and come to terms with life as it is.

You can now concentrate on other things, such as friendships or hobbies.

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