Nugget of Knowledge: Spirit of Curling


One of the Winter Olympic games, Curling, originated in the early 1500s. 

It’s a game that you play on ice that looks like shuffleboard. 

In the beginning, people would play on frozen ponds with stones.

The stones themselves can only be made from rare granite from two quarries in the world. One is in Scotland, while the other is in Wales.

The stones weigh anywhere between 38 and 44 pounds.

It first made its debut in the Olympics 74 years before it became a recognized sport.

You score points by getting your stones closer to the center, known as the button, than anyone else.

There are four positions and typically eight ends in a recreational game.

The positions are lead, second, vice skip and the boss known as the skip. Each person delivers two stones to each end.

The United States won the gold medal last year in the winter Olympics in South Korea.

The game is very polite, known as the spirit of curling, so you don’t cheer when you make great shots or gloat.

Even though you lose, you win. Traditional unwritten rules say the winner buys the losers the first round of drinks after a game.

That part of the activity is called broom stacking.

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