Nugget of Knowledge: Sneezes come in waves


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(WYTV) – How come sneezes come two or three at a time?

Sneezing is a way for your body to get rid of any irritating particles and keep mucus at the right level. Either too much mucus or too little can trigger a sneeze.

For a single sneeze to guarantee to clean everything out, it would have to be powerful. Sneezes already expel air at 100 miles per hour, so it’s safer for the nose to string a few sneezes together if the first doesn’t do the job.

Can a smell wake us up?

We’ve been using smelling salts (ammonium carbonate) for 400 years to revive a patient who’s fainted.

The ammonia gas irritates the lungs and forces you to inhale sharply. That brings up the level of oxygen in your blood.

With ordinary sleep, the smell of coffee or frying bacon, which stimulates the appetite can get you up.

Newborns can only smell a few different things, such as their mother’s body smell. Our sense of smell improves up to about the age of eight.

From the age of 20, your sense of smell very gradually declines. Some studies say the decline can begin as early as age 15.

One more fact: Some studies have found that children can’t detect certain odors of musk until they reach puberty.

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