Nugget of Knowledge: Shortest letter ever written


The shortest letter ever written is just one word

(WKBN) – Who holds the record for the shortest letter ever written?

We travel back to 1862 in France.

The great writer Victor Hugo had just finished his latest novel, “Les Miserables,” and had left on vacation. He was anxious to learn how his book was selling, so he wrote the following letter to his publisher:


The publisher must have figured what Hugo meant and was just as imaginative so he must share the record with him for the world’s shortest letter.

This was his reply:


Hugo was very happy.

When medieval noblemen were looking for something to replace the joust, which could be brutal, they turned to catching rings on horseback.

The Spanish called it carosella, meaning “little war,” a training exercise for warriors on horseback.

The word “carosella” gave us carousel.

Eventually, we replace live horses with painted wooden horses on a revolving platform and from this got the merry-go-round.

What is the most common symbol on the flags of the world? The United States is not the only country with stars on its flag.

Fifty other countries have at least one star on their flag, making the star the most common symbol on the flags of the world. The second most popular symbol is the crescent, which appears on nine flags.

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