(WYTV) – Where is Santa’s workshop? Where do Santa and his elves live and work?

Every year, children in the United States write letters to Santa and many of them try to add a zip code. If a letter has a zip code, the Post Office will do its best to send it there.

What zip code would a child who’s just learned to count be likely to put on an envelope? Zip Code 12345 sounds like it might do the trick.

Zip Code 12345 goes to the General Electric complex in Schenectady, New York.

So, the old GE headquarters building gets Santa’s mail with that zip code. Since 1994, the employees have volunteered to read the mail and, if possible, reply.

The Schenectady office has shrunk over the years. GE has moved its headquarters, but the employees remaining co-operate with the Post Office each year to manage the flow of letters to Santa and reply.

They usually add a postscript: don’t forget my milk and cookies.