Nugget of Knowledge: Red mesh bags for produce


Grocery stores use red mesh bags to make oranges look better

(WYTV) – Have you noticed that oranges, when you buy them in a bag, almost always come in red mesh bags? Why is that?

Grocery stores use them to make oranges look better.

The red color against an orange’s peel makes them appear more orange, encouraging consumers to buy them.

The trick also works for other orange-tinted citrus fruits, such as tangerines and some grapefruit.

The citrus growers and grocery stores even do something similar for lemons, which are typically sold in yellow or green bags to make them appear more yellow.

If they sold lemons in a red mesh bag, they would actually appear orange. Four out of five American grocery stores spray mist over their vegetables.

Customers assume that fruits and veggies are cleaner or fresher when they’re misted, but this isn’t always the case.

Stores want to appeal to your senses: when compared to dry produce, wet, shiny vegetables look more appealing.

Still, just because it’s wet doesn’t mean you can skip washing it. You should still run your veggies under the faucet when you get home.

Stores make more money when the produce they sell is heavy, and spraying a mist will do that.

To make sure you’re not paying more for your food than it’s worth, shake off any damp fruits or vegetables before putting them in your cart.

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