Nugget of Knowledge: Ravenna Arsenal myth


The old Ravenna Arsenal, covering parts of Portage County and Braceville Township in western Trumbull County, is now a training center for the Ohio Army National Guard.

The government put together bombs there in World War Two, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

But did the government choose Ravenna for an arsenal because it’s the cloudiest place in the country? 

Cloudy skies meant protection from enemy bombers.

No source says yes for sure. There’s no definite word in the history books, and is it really the cloudiest?

Seattle has 226 days of “solid overcast” each year, followed by Portland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland with 202, and Ravenna comes in with 200 days. 

So again, why this land near Ravenna?

It’s remote, not near a coast, so it should be safe from an aerial attack. Plenty of workers lived nearby. It had a good water supply and excellent railroad connections. 

It could become the site of a missile defense system. We’ll know that later.

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