Nugget of Knowledge: Raisins


What’s the difference between black raisins and golden raisins?

Raisins come from sun-dried grapes, right?

Sort of.

When the sugar content in a grape reaches 22 percent, they’re picked by hand and laid out on paper trays to dry out in the sun for three to five weeks.

Then, they go to packing plants that wash, sort and package them.

Golden raisins, just like black raisins, come from Thompson seedless grapes, grown in California.

The grapes set aside to be golden raisins do not dry in the sun. They go straight to the plant right after picking, are dipped in hot water and treated with sulfur dioxide to keep their color.

Then, they go into large dehydrators to dry and come out golden and moist.

Why are grapefruit named after grapes? They look nothing like grapes.

It was named for the grape because of the way it grows in bunches on trees.

The grapefruit that we know today is a descendant of a fruit called the pummelo, native to southeast Asia. It was first brought to America in the 19th century.

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