Nugget of Knowledge: What if you’re stuck in quicksand?


Are you a goner if you fall into quicksand?

(WYTV) – If you ever find yourself in quicksand, don’t struggle.

The more you struggle in it the faster you will sink.

Most people who drown in any liquid are usually those who panic and begin flailing their arms and legs.

If you just relax, your body will float because your body is less dense than quicksand.

All quicksand is sand heavily saturated with water, usually close to a water source.

It may be possible to drown in quicksand if you were to fall in head first and couldn’t get your head back above the surface, although it’s rare for quicksand to be that deep.

If the quicksand were deep, as in up to your waist, it would be  difficult to pull yourself out of it, very much like wet concrete.

Just try to lie on your back, spread your arms and legs and then paddle to shore

You’ll find quicksand in adventure movies, but there’s very little to be afraid of in real life.

As long as you keep a cool head in the situation, the worst result will be a shoe full of wet sand.

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