Nugget of Knowledge: Pumpkin Debate Squashed


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) –  The canned pumpkin that normally makes pie isn’t made of pumpkin at all.

Food & Wine reports that cans of pumpkin puree-even those that advertise “100 percent pumpkin” are actually made of squash.

Most pumpkin purees are a mix of winter squashes, including butternut squash, Golden Delicious and Hubbard.

Libby’s makes more so called pumpkin puree than anyone and has its own brand of squash called the Dickinson.

The Agriculture Department is really lenient when it comes to labeling something pumpkin so companies can pack squashes into their purees and still list pumpkin as the sole ingredient.

Why not just use pumpkin?

They don’t actually taste that great.

Most pumpkins are watery and stringy, and turning them into a puree takes a lot of work…it’s much easier to use a sweet winter squash.

What’s the difference between a pumpkin and a squash?

A pumpkin is a kind of squash, a nutritious vegetable.

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