Nugget of Knowledge: Pringles have very little potato


(WYTV) – What’s your favorite potato chip?

Maybe it’s not a potato chip at all, if it’s Pringle’s.

Pringle’s are special because they’re all the same shape and size, packed in a hard tube.

Call it a kind of science fiction food, more like a science experiment. 

The Pringle’s company once argued that the way it makes the chip and the low potato content made Pringle’s technically not potato chips.       

It some counties, it helps avoid taxes.

For example, England considers snacks necessary foods, so you don’t pay a tax on them when you buy them.

But the English say the potato chip is a luxury food. It does come with a tax, so the customer chooses Pringle’s instead.

Pringle’s starts with a mass of rice, wheat, corn and potato flakes and presses them into shape.

So these potato chips aren’t really potato at all.

Then, it rolls the snack-dough out like a sheet, cuts it into circles and molds them into a curve and then pushes them through boiling vegetable oil for a few seconds to fry, then stacks and packs them.

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