Nugget of Knowledge: Popular baby names


We are seeing more babies with gender-neutral names

(WYTV) – The Social Security Administration has put together a list of the most popular baby names of the decade, at least 2010 through 2018.

We are seeing more babies with gender-neutral names such as Cameron, Jordan and Avery. We have seen names with one vowel per consonant, for example, Emma and Noah — easy to say, easy to remember.

Here are the 10 most popular babies’ names for the decade, mixing boys and girls: Emma, Sophia, Olivia, Noah, Isabella, Liam, Jacob, Mason, William and Ava.

What’s going to be trendy in the next five to 10 years?

Some demographers are predicting more southern names. We’re going to hear names such as Memphis, Alexandria, Raleigh, Magnolia, Virginia, Austin, Selma and Dixie.

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