Nugget of Knowledge: Phalanx Station history


Phalanx Station was named after the local Trumbull Phalanx Company, which was not a business but a utopian community.

A phalanx is a body of soldiers but it also means a group of people coming together for one purpose.

Phalanx had about 200 people living there from 1844 to 1852. They lived on 2,000 acres, which included farmland, a grist mill, a sawmill, an oil mill and some clothing works.

A utopia is supposed to be a perfect place to live where everyone gets along and there are no problems — no greed, no envy, no anger, just happiness.

It failed but the name remained. It became Phalanx Station after a railroad led the community southeast to Jefferson County, Ohio in the late 19th century.

That failed, too but, again, the name remained.

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