Nugget of Knowledge: Perks to being awarded Congressional Medal of Honor


Among the benefits, Medal of Honor recipients are automatically invited to all presidential inaugurations and inaugural balls

(WYTV) – There is no such award as the Congressional Medal of Honor. The president presents the award “in the name of Congress.”

There are some perks that come with winning it.

If there is space aboard a military plane flying where you need to go, you can join the flight free for life and you get to go to the head of the line.

Medal of Honor recipients get a boost of $1,400 more per month in their pay and pension. This boost is retroactive to the day they took action to earn them the reward, even many years later.

Sgt. David Bellavia earned a Medal of Honor during the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004. He was given his medal in 2019 — a full 15 years after the battle — along with more than $200,000 in back pay.

A Medal of Honor recipient gets an additional 10% boost in retirement pay, as well as special parking at military bases and access — even after retirement — to any military recreational center.

Medal of Honor recipients can wear their uniforms anytime they please and they earn a special uniform allowance stipend of $830.56.

They have no copay on their health insurance and they’re automatically invited to all presidential inaugurations and inaugural balls.

When they walk into a room, four-star generals stand and salute them.

Many states also give them and their families educational benefits, along with a special license plate for their car.

If their children want to attend a military academy and are eligible, those kids automatically get in.

Eventually, the medal winner rests at Arlington National Cemetery beneath a special gold-lettered tombstone.

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