Nugget of Knowledge: Over-sized presentation checks


Turns out, someone may be able to deposit those over-sized checks that you see on TV

(WYTV) – Can you cash or deposit one of those large novelty checks you see handed over during a golfing event, a sweepstakes, a charity event? Are they valid?

The answer is “yes,” sort of.

First, the information on any check of any size has to be valid. It must have the payer’s name, an account number, the name and location of their bank, the date, the words “pay to the order of,” the payee’s name, the dollar amount and the signature.

There is no standardized size for a check. There is no special check paper.

In fact, you can buy software to design and print your own checks at home.

Who needs paper? You may have heard stories of people writing checks on cocktail napkins, on doors and the shirt off their backs.

But, and this is a big but, an over-sized check, shirt-check or door-check may be perfectly legal, but the bank might not accept it, and that would be legal, too. If it accepts it, it will most likely copy the information onto a real, small check.

Banks have rules about the form of the documents they use for their accounts, and when you open an account, you sign an agreement and the fine print probably says the bank has certain standards for documents you use, and you agree to follow them.

Finally, if you do get a giant check, you’ll also get a smaller, real version right along with it.

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