(WYTV) – What does a care package mean today? You get something sent to you that contains food or comfort items.

But “care” in a package is really a registered trademark going back to the end of the Second World War.

A private group calling itself the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (CARE) sent cardboard boxes to starving people all over Europe.

The boxes marked C-A-R-E contained tinned meats, powdered eggs, lard, apricot preserves, honey and raisins, and two pounds each of margarine, sugar, powdered milk and coffee.
Later packages included soap, diapers, school supplies and medicine as well as fabric, needles and thread.

The Smithsonian magazine tells us that to order a CARE package for someone, in the late 1940’s you mailed a $15 check or money order to CARE in Philadelphia.

In 1953, CARE changed its name to Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere and to this day sends humanitarian relief around the world, not necessarily in small cardboard boxes.
CARE USA is headquartered in Atlanta, CARE International has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Its big push this year has been to help Ukraine.