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Nugget of Knowledge: Optimize your refrigerator space


Len Rome's Daily Feature of Little Known Facts

(WYTV) – Your refrigerator is not just a big box of cold air. The temperature varies from front to back and bottom to top.

Where you put your food matters.

The refrigerator is meant to stop or at least slow the growth of bacteria.

The recommended temperature is 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this in mind, there are some suggestions on how to organize your refrigerator.

In the door: Use the little bins on the inside of refrigerator doors for condiments, salsas and salad dressings. Pasteurized orange juice can stay there along with bottles of soda and wine.

The temperature isn’t consistent in the door, so don’t put your eggs or milk there.

Top shelf: Store foods here that are ready-to-eat or already cooked, such as leftovers or pies.

The temperature isn’t as cold on the top shelf as it is the bottom shelf.

The middle shelf: Put your eggs here as well as drinks and pre-prepared foods if you ran out of room up top.

The middle shelf is the most temperature-controlled part of the fridge.

The bottom shelf: Put your dairy products here.

The back of the bottom shelf is the coldest spot in the fridge, so your dairy products will keep longer.

The drawers: Use the drawers to separate meat and produce. Remember that veggies need a more humid environment than fruit.

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