Nugget of Knowledge: Only round ice for the Queen


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(WYTV) – 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth always asks that her drinks contain round ice instead of cubed ice.

The reason is that balls of ice don’t clink quite as much in the glass as ice cubes and the Queen doesn’t want to make noise.

In fact, the Queen insists that all drinks in her castles be served with round ice.

There is a story that royal biographer Brian Hoey told ABC News that the Queen detests the noise of ice clinking so much that Prince Philip actually created an ice machine to produce tiny, quieter balls of ice.

The Queen might not need ice at all for several beverages she enjoys, including tea, champagne and wine.

However, she does need ice for her favorite: gin mixed with Dubonnet, which she prefers on the rocks.

The year 1992 spelled disaster for the Queen: a fire broke out in Windsor Castle and the respective marriages of three of her children – Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Princess Anne – broke down.

The Queen called this her “annus horribilis” (horrible year).

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