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(WYTV) – Some thoughts on National Donut Day…Do we spell it “doughnut” or “donut?” Either way, take your pick.

January 12 is National Glazed Donut Day. Glazed is the favorite in this country, we bake 10 billion donuts of all kinds each year.

The first Friday in June and November 5 are both National Donut Day, why two? We’re not sure.

This coming Monday, June 8 is National Jelly Filled Donut Day. September 14 is National Creme-Filled Donut Day.

The largest donut ever made was a jelly donut weighing more than one and a half tons, 16 feet around and foot and a half high in the center. This was in Utica, New York, January 21, 1993.

Canada has more doughnut shops than any other country.

In the states, Californians love donuts the most in Huntington Park, California. You’ll find 42 donut shops in just three square miles.

Try a single donut for $30, that’s the Bacon Big Mouth donut at Hurts Donuts in Springfield, Missouri.

A store called Hypnotic Donuts in Dallas, Texas sells the Ski Accident donut: a long donut filled with raspberry filling covered in powdered sugar.

Boston has the most donut shops per person.

If you eat one donut a day, you’ll gain about a pound every ten days.

Actor Clark Gable gets credit for the trend of dunking donuts in milk when he did it in the 1934 movie ‘It Happened One Night.’

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