Nugget of Knowledge: Most expensive piano

A used Steinway is $50,000 to $60,000

(WYTV) - A concert grand piano from Steinway is one of the most complex devices that human hands can build. They are still built by hand at factories in New York City and Hamburg, Germany.

It takes 450 skilled craftsmen, casemakers, stringers, fine tuners -- each of the 88 keys must be just right.

Steinway likes to say you don't just hear it with your ear, you feel it in your body.

It takes one year to build one Steinway. Each has its own number and 12,000 individual parts.

The Steinway family from Germany founded the company in 1853 and sold it long ago.

The factories have built more than 580,000 concert grands over the years and they also restore older models.

The company has several hundred showrooms around the world and a new Steinway grand can run you about a quarter of a million dollars -- yes, more than your house.

Some are a bit less expensive, maybe $160,000 or so.

Can't afford that? Go for a used Steinway -- maybe $50,000 to $60,000.

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