Nugget of Knowledge: Most dangerous creature is a mosquito


From Scientific American:

What is the world’s deadliest animal?

“Animal” in this sense is a broad term because we’re talking about the mosquito. It transmits diseases that kill thousands of people each year.

If a mosquito bites you, it’s a female and she’s on a mission. Mosquitoes, in general, feed on nectar, as most other insects do.

The female has to make eggs — simple nectar and water are not enough. The female mosquito needs blood for that. Your blood is rich in protein for her eggs — that’s why she’s going after you. Some mosquitoes lay their eggs on water but when conditions dry up, researchers have found mosquitoes to be more thirsty, more aggressive.

On hot, dry days this summer, when we haven’t had rain for a while, that’s when you should really apply the bug spray. 

Here are three home remedies for mosquito bites:
-Toothpaste: the menthol flavor of the toothpaste helps to soothe the bite.
-Honey: honey is a natural antibiotic and will help with the swelling
-Aloe Vera: a natural antiseptic and can help reduce the pain, swelling and itching.

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