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Nugget of Knowledge: Mister Rogers’ sweater and sneakers


(WYTV) – Mister Rogers stepped through his front door, took off and hung up his work jacket, slipped into a cardigan and zipped it up over his shirt and tie.

He would sing the entire time as he swapped his heavy work shoes for sneakers. They were well-worn, but never looked worn out.

Why did he wear the sweater? Why did he wear the sneakers?

His website once explained that the cardigans were a connection to Rogers’ own past. His mother would knit a cardigan sweater every month. The whole family got them as Christmas and birthday gifts.

He wore them to tell children it’s time to relax and as an honor to his mother.

The sneakers, though, were just for sneaking around.

During his show, Rogers had to walk around backstage to maneuver some puppets and his normal heavy work shoes made too much noise on the wooden floor.

When our visit with Mr. Rogers is over, the cardigan and the sneakers go back in the closet.

Fred McFeely Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister, was born in March 1928. He died in February 2003.

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