Nugget of Knowledge: Live Christmas trees


Growers have been selling Christmas trees commercially in this country since the 1850s

(WYTV) – Growing and selling fresh Christmas trees is big business in this country.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, there are about 21,000 tree growers employing more than 100,000 people.

You might think that, at one time, we all had to walk into the woods to cut down a tree, but growers have been selling Christmas trees commercially in this country since the 1850s.

Today, we produce about 30 to 35 million Christmas trees each year.

Most of them, between 95 and 98%, come directly from Christmas tree farms or plantations, and they grow on a million acres in 49 states. Alaska is the exception.

Oregon is the leading producer, but Michigan offers the greatest variety — 13 different types of Christmas trees.

Growers plant about 2,000 trees per acre — 5 to 6 feet apart.

Not all trees survive. Out of say, 2,000 trees, up to 1,500 can be expected to survive, depending on the climate and weather conditions.

It can take from seven to 12 years for the average 6 or 7 foot tree to be ready to harvest.

Take care of it and the average fresh Christmas tree should last at least five to six weeks.

The main thing that your tree needs is water.

You may have heard you can add something to the water, such as aspirin, 7UP or Sprite or even bleach.

Don’t bother; plain water will do just fine.

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