Nugget of Knowledge: Keeping cats away from the tree


Limit ornaments where they are out of your cat's reach and use string instead of wire hooks

(WYTV) – Do you have a Christmas tree up and decorated? Do you have a curious kitty cat around the house?

Your cat may see your tree as an oversized toy, so here’s how you keep away your feline pet.

You can try a nice, soft, fluffy skirt around the base of the tree. The cat may like the skirt and lose interest in the branches above it.

Here’s another barrier: put down some tape around the base, sticky-side up or a bed of pine cones your can may not want to piece. It looks more natural anyway.

If your cat laughs at the obstacles you put in her way, you can use a safe cat repellent. There are many smells cats can’t take, such as bitter apple, citronella, potpourri and even Vicks VapoRub.

You can either spray pin cones or cotton balls with these scents and tuck them around the tree or spray them directly onto the branches.

Finally, if you’re desperate, limit ornaments where they are out of your cat’s reach and use string instead of wire hooks.

And keep the tree away from any furniture your cat likes to climb on to use as a launching pad.

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