(WYTV) – How can you tell the difference between a can of regular Coke and Diet Coke if the labels are hidden and you can’t open and taste either one?

It’s possible, you need a little water. This should work with Pepsi, too.

Our clue is based on the fact that a can of the diet drink is slightly lighter than a can of the regular drink.

Regular Coca-Cola is sweetened with sugar which is sucrose, or corn sweeteners, which are other sugars, usually fructose, maltose or glucose.

Diet Coke, though, is sweetened with aspartame, an artificial sweetener. Aspartame can be 200 times sweeter than sucrose, so you need only a tiny amount of it to produce the same sweetness as in the sugared drink.

While the amount of sugar in the regular Coke may be two to three percent, there are only a few hundredths of a percent of aspartame in the diet drink. So, a can of the diet drink is very slightly lighter in weight.

You can’t tell just by hefting the two cans.

But if you fill a sink with water and place the unopened cans in it, the diet can will float higher in the water than the regular can, which might even sink.