Nugget of Knowledge: How does a sudden calorie intake affect men?


Ever feel guilty after sitting down at one of those all you can eat buffets?

(WYTV) – Ever feel guilty after sitting down at one of those all you can eat buffets, and you step away in a food coma?

This refers to men: don’t worry about it.

A study of men gorging themselves on pizza has found the male body copes remarkably well when it suddenly takes in a whole lot of calories.

The research comes from England. The University of Bath asked healthy men aged between 22 and 37 to eat until they were satisfied and then on another day to eat until they could absolutely not take another bite.

On that second meal, the men ate twice as much pizza, doubling their calorie intake, but then doctors found the amount of nutrients in their bloodstream was kept within normal range.

The researchers discovered that the male body copes very well when faced with a massive and sudden calorie excess.

The all you can eat pizza meal came to more than 3,000 calories: about one and a half large pizzas.

Some men gobbled two and a half pizzas.

Blood sugar levels were no higher than after a normal meal.

Four hours after overindulging, the men felt sleepy and lethargic, and they had no desire to eat anything else, including sweets.

Again, the study examined just men. We don’t know if women are next.

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