Nugget of Knowledge: Hockey goal horns


Hockey is full of traditions and one that is much louder than some of the others is that goal horns blast after every goal.

All 31 teams have some type of goal horn, and some of them have a connection with the community.

For example, the San Jose Sharks use a fog horn from the San Francisco Bay because of how often it gets foggy, the New York Rangers use a horn from a subway train, and the Pittsburgh Penguins use one from barges that would sail one of their three rivers.

The history dates all the way back to the Stanley Cup playoffs of 19-73, in which the Chicago Blackhawks are believed to be the first team to implement a horn.

It was from the owner’s Yacht.

Fan bases cherish the noises their teams carry when they score a goal.

For example, the New York Islanders attempted to change theirs, but the fans rebelled and wanted their old one back, so they did.

For some, it’s treated like a home plate in a baseball park. The Pittsburgh Penguins took their horn from their old arena to the new one when it opened up.

The Stanley Cup playoffs are happening now, and some of the most exciting hockey of the year is being played. That is, unless you’re a Pittsburgh Penguins or Tampa Bay Lightning fan because the teams were eliminated from contention last night without even winning a game.

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