Nugget of Knowledge: Himalayan salt lamp


(WYTV) – Do you have one of those Himalayan salt lamps in your home?

It’s a chunk of pink crystalline salt mounted on a wood base with a tiny light bulb inside to set the mood. Most of them come from a salt mine in Pakistan.

But do they do anything? Do they have healing powers of some kind?

The internet says they can relieve depression and anxiety and purify the air in your home. 

This sounds scientific: salt lamps, it is said, put out negative ions to boost our mood. There is some research supporting the idea that negative ions relieve stress and anxiety.

Without getting too technical, an ion is just an atom or molecule that has either gained or lost an electron.

But the lamp never gets hot enough to ionize anything. Neither are they hot enough to purify the air in the room.

So they really just sit there looking mystical.

They are not toxic to humans. You’re not going to eat it, after all, but your cat may lick it and the salt is highly toxic to cats and other small animals.

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