Nugget of Knowledge: Healthiest quick breakfast


Here's your best option for breakfast when choosing between a bagel, muffin or doughnut

(WYTV) – Bagels, muffins and doughnuts — which is healthiest? Which is the worst for breakfast?

Sometimes, when we’re in a big hurry, that’s all we can grab, so which one is better?

We’re talking about nutritional value from a commercial bakery. We’ll go from best to worst.

The best is the plain bagel. Say, 300 calories, no saturated fat, not much added sugar, but it is heavy on carbs, on average, about 65 grams.

Nutritionists say one bagel is the equivalent of four slices of bread.

Below the bagel for nutrition comes the donut.

It may actually have fewer calories than the bagel, but that’s because it’s smaller and less dense. On the other hand, people tend to eat more than one, and it has much more sugar.

The worst is your muffin.

For example, a blueberry muffin has more calories and hefty carbs. A muffin is equal to about three slices of bread, and it can contain much more sugar than a donut.

It has about as much sugar as you’re supposed to have in a day.

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