Nugget of Knowledge: Green potato chips


Is it OK to eat green potato chips?

(WYTV) – Every once in a while, you might open a bag of potato chips and see one which might have a greenish edge.

It’s OK to eat.

Potatoes grow underground, so they’re away from sunlight.

Sometimes, however, parts of a potato can pop up above ground, and those sections turn green as chlorophyll develops.

It doesn’t even have to be natural light for that to happen. Most green potatoes never make it to the store.

But a green-tinted potato may turn up in a potato chip factory and sneak into a bag of chips.

So you’re eating chlorophyll as you munch that green chip. It’s non-toxic and harmless.

You would have to eat about 20 or so whole green potatoes in a day to get sick.

A medium-sized potato, by the way, produces about three dozen potato chips.

You’ll notice that when you open a bag of chips, you find some empty space. It’s there to make your snacks taste better.

That air space was filled with nitrogen, because chips exposed to oxygen will start to spoil. They’ll oxidize; and nitrogen keeps them fresh.

There’s nothing wrong with breathing nitrogen. We do it all the time; the air around us is 78% nitrogen.

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