Nugget of Knowledge: Glue stitches Len’s leg together



Hi! This morning’s Nugget of Knowledge is all about…me!

It has been exactly two weeks since I’ve had total knee replacement, so let’s bring you up to date on what’s happening.

The cane, I still use it from time to time when I get tired, or when I want to point things out, but I’m pretty much walking without it now and that is very nice.

The bandages are off, and it’s out in the open air.

I’m still wearing compression socks, fashionably white, so I guess I can’t wear them after Labor Day. They’re designed to keep blood clots from forming in your leg, and they give you one for the other leg just for good measure.

This scar actually has stitches, but the stiches are inside, and the stiches eventually dissolve. What is holding the scar together is glue.

Elmer’s? Gorilla? Human? I’m not sure. My physical therapist told me that within four to five days after surgery, the glue has taken hold so well, and so tightly that no matter what exercises you do, .nothing is going to open up that scar.

I’ve got a doctor’s appointment coming up very shortly, and who knows, I might be back on the Daybreak Nation very shortly.

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