Nugget of Knowledge: General Trivia Monday



Which country has the most donut shops in relation to its population?

Canada…the donut is the unofficial snack and Canadians eat more of them than people in any other country.

In The Big Chill, seven college friends come together for the funeral of one of their classmates….Kevin Costner played the course….what hit song does the film feature?

You can’t always get what you want…The Rolling Stones.

If I told you to go rack your balls for a game of nine balls, what shape would you use?

A diamond…the nine ball is in the center.

According to Amazon, what are the most highlighted Kindle books?

The Bible, Steve Job’s biography and The Hunger Games.

What is actor Michael J. Fox’s middle name?

Andrew…he started using a middle initial because he didn’t want to be confused with another actor named Michael Fox…but he didn;t like the way Michael A. Fox sounded, so he just picked J.

Which rock song is said to be the catchiest of all time?

According to scientists at the University of London it’s Queen’s We are the Champions.

We know the Buggle’s Video Killed the Radio Star was the first video MTV played when it signed on in 1981…what was the second?

Pat Benatar’s “You Better Run.”

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