Nugget of Knowledge: Fun facts


(WYTV) – The following are some fun facts:

What did Babe Ruth wear to keep his head cool during summer baseball games?
A chilled cabbage leaf under his ball cap.

What U.S. state has the image of a beaver on the back of its flag?
Oregon, the Beaver State.

Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas all share the same state bird. What is it?

What’s the name for the condition in which a dog’s feet smell like corn chips?
Frito feet. The smell comes from bacteria on the feet.

What was Google called before it was known as Google?

What was legendary rocker Prince’s full name?
Prince Rogers Nelson.

What Guinness World record does the word STRENGTHS hold?
It’s the longest word in English with only one vowel.

What does a noctambulist do?

Where is the world’s largest bowling alley?
Japan: Inazawa Grand Bowl has 116 lanes.

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