Nugget of Knowledge: Food nuggets


If you chew on roasted coffee beans, it can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath

(WYTV) – Coffee beans can help eliminate bad breath. If you chew on roasted coffee beans, it can kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Mountain Dew contains orange juice, the third ingredient.

Chimichanga is a nonsense word. It means nothing. Chimichangas came from Tucson, Arizona.

A cook came up with it in the 1950’s, trying not to curse in front of the kids.

Pizza Hut used to be the nation’s biggest buyer of kale.

Pizza Hut’s salad bar was popular before kale became a trend. Pizza Hut used it as a garnish for its salad bars. You weren’t meant to eat it.

Potatoes are 80% water, right behind celery.

You could even juice a potato.

Half of all Americans over the age of 20 eat a sandwich every day.

Everyone eats popcorn at the movies, right? No. It’s an American tradition.

Movie fans in Colombia munch on dried ants. Koreans line up at the snack counter for dried cuttlefish, and in China, dried salted plums.

German chocolate cake has nothing to do with German. It came from Texas. Its inventor used a baking chocolate called German’s chocolate, named after the company owner, Sam German.

Care for a gin and tonic? Turn out the lights. Your tonic water will glow in the dark.

The quinine in it makes it glow.

Per ounce, nutritious food costs up to 10 times more than junk food.

The most eaten meat in the world: not beef, not pork, but goat meat. It’s 70% of the red meat eaten globally.

And 40% of all the produce we grow in this country is never sold just because it’s too ugly.

Consumers just won’t buy imperfect fruits or veggies, so grocery stores refuse to stock them.

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