Nugget of Knowledge: Feast for Christmas dinner


Some popular Christmas meals throughout the ages

(WYTV) – During the Medieval ages, some wealthy Europeans had peacock for Christmas dinner.

They baked it into a pie or roasted it with its head and tail still showing.

That might have looked impressive on the table, but the meat didn’t taste very good.

In Medieval and Tudor England, people celebrated Christmas by feasting on boar’s head. It was the centerpiece of the Christmas Day meal.

It’s a custom we celebrate today.

Oyster stew was a popular Christmas dish for early Americans who settled along the East Coast. Nineteenth-century Irish American immigrants used them to make a traditional Christmas Eve stew with oysters.

Mincemeat pie goes back to the 11th century. They’re pies with spices, finely chopped meat and dried fruits.

How about a “sugarplum?”

It’s a hard candy, containing ginger, cinnamon, walnut and almonds.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, sugarplum is now obsolete.

Don’t forget Barnum’s Animal Crackers. One theory says the box has a string so you could hang it as a Christmas ornament.

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