Nugget of Knowledge: Facts about your couch


(WYTV) A furniture company based in British Columbia asked a polling company to ask Americans about their furniture and here’s what came up.

Few pieces of furniture in your home will ever get more use from everyone than your living room sofa.

The average American couch is six years old. Dig deep and you’ll find, on average, $1.55 in change.

Family members have cried on it at least 17 times.

It has been napped on three dozen times and supported us through three weeks on sick days.

Seventy percent of Americans rate their couch as comfortable, more than 20% said their couch is faded, and a third said it’s on their replacement wish list.

One in 10 Americans said their couch was the oldest piece of furniture in the house. Only the bedroom dresser might have been older.

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