Nugget of Knowledge: Facts about tattoos


Archeologists found the oldest known tattooed human skin on a frozen body found in the Alps

(WYTV) – The tattoo may have been a form of healing similar to acupuncture.

It might have been a kind of rebellion, but the art of tattooing is more widely accepted than ever.

Archeologists found the oldest known tattooed human skin on a frozen body found in the Alps, going back to 3370 BC. It was simple dots and lines using carbon ink.

Five percent of Americans have had one tattoo covered up by another tattoo.

A tattoo gun can puncture the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute, penetrating the skin about one millimeter deep.

Fifty-eight percent of women have a tattoo, while only 41% of men have one, but women are twice as likely to get their tattoos removed than men. Women mostly have their ankles tattooed, while men ink their arms.

Gregory Paul McLaren holds the Guinness World Record for being the most tattooed person. He is 99.9% covered, including the inside of his eyelids, mouth and ears.

Black is the easiest color to remove because it absorbs more laser waves, while green and yellow are the most difficult to remove. Twenty-three percent of people regret their tattoos, with the biggest regret being a tattooed name.

When starting an apprenticeship, a new tattoo artist usually practices on fruit: grapefruit, oranges and lemons are the closest texture to human skin.

Americans spend $1.5 billion on tattoos every year.

Miami has the most tattoo shops, while Salina, Kansas has the least.

The average cost of a small tattoo is $45, while the average cost of a large tattoo is $150 per hour.

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