Nugget of Knowledge: Facts about death


Let’s talk about death…

Did you know you can be declared dead in some states but still be alive in others?
New York and New Jersey allow families to say no to brain death if it goes against their religious beliefs.

300 bodies are sitting frozen in liquid nitrogen in America.
Maybe science will one day bring them back to life. 

Rigor mortis is only temporary.
It goes away in a day or two. It has to do with chemicals in your muscle fibers.

More than 200 corpses are frozen on Mount Everest.
They’re climbers who failed.

Embalming is not a law.
Except maybe if a body is crossing state lines.

The Victorians often took photos of dead loved ones as part of grieving.
They displayed them in their homes, sent these pictures to friends and relatives like postcards and wore them inside lockets.

Also Victorian times, widows mourned for two and a half years, while widowers mourned for three months.

The funeral industry invented the term mortician to make it seem more customer friendly.

The idea that graves need to be six feet deep comes from the 17th-century plague in England.
The mayor of London decreed: six feet down to keep the disease from spreading.

No Mormon funeral is complete without Mormon funeral potatoes.
This is a cheesy casserole that usually contains cornflakes. 

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