Nugget of Knowledge: Evolution is the reason kids hate vegetables


Boiling or steaming your veggies will kill off any bacteria, but that's not why you wash them

(WYTV) – If we’re going to cook our vegetables, do we still have to thoroughly wash them Shouldn’t the cooking itself kill any germs?

Yes, boiling or steaming your veggies will kill off any bacteria, but that’s not why you wash them.

They can still hold pesticides, which can wash off the vegetables and hang around in the water while cooking.

Thorough washing and drying with clean paper towels will help remove any pesticide traces.

Wash off any bits of soil because they can contain all sorts of bacteria, including E. coli that could contaminate your work surfaces.

Another question: why do kids seem to dislike vegetables so much?

Our ancestors lived with lots of toxic plants and we evolved a gene that makes the toxins in these plants taste bitter so we wouldn’t eat them.

Children evolved a stronger aversion to bitter tastes because they didn’t know which plants were dangerous, so they disliked vegetables because it was natural for them.

We learn which plants are safe and lose half of our taste receptors by the time we are 20, making vegetables taste less bitter.

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