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Other common domain names have simpler explanations

(WYTV) – What does “.com” stand for?

Some domain names are self-explanatory: “.edu,” the domain name for college websites, is “education,” and you’ll see “.gov” on government websites.

But does “.com” stand for “computer” or “communication?” “.com” is short for “commercial,” a bit of a catch-all, since this domain name is available to anyone.

Though it means “commercial” now, it may actually have stood for something else such as “company.”

The early Internet of the 1980s and ’90s was not meant to connect businesses in the sense you go there to buy something…they were companies doing government contract work.

As the Internet evolved and expanded, we realized it would very soon become a major place to do business, or commerce, so “commercial” is now the meaning of the abbreviation.

Other common domain names have simpler explanations.

“.net” is short for “network” and began as a domain name for networking companies, such as service providers.

Despite “.com”‘s “commercial” meaning, some businesses today use the “.net” domain name.

“.org” means “organization,” and, like “.com,” there are actually no restrictions to who can register a “.org” site.

A lot of nonprofit organizations use it, but it’s available to anyone and began as an option for people whose sites had no governmental, educational or commercial connections.

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