Nugget of Knowledge: Dogs and vision


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Do dogs see in black and white, or can they detect color?

Humans have three different types of cones in their eyes and each type of cone is designed to see a specific wavelength of light. Put them all together, and we can see a million shades of color or more.

Dogs and other mammals have only two types of cones.

No, the world to them is not black and white. It’s colorful, but it’s not like ours.

The average human can see the full spectrum of color from red to violet.

What does a rainbow look like to a dog?

It’s a bit different.

When we see red, a dog sees deep brown, then lighter brown. A dog also sees yellow, gray and then shades of blue from light to dark.

That’s it: brown, yellow, gray and blue.

The next time you’re shopping for the perfect toy for your dog, skip the bright red. She’ll see it as muddy brown. Stick to colors like blue or yellow that your dog can appreciate.

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