Nugget of Knowledge: Death cap mushrooms live up to their name


Smoking one cigarette takes 11 minutes off the life of an average person

(WYTV) – Daybreak wanted to share some little known facts with viewers Monday morning.

Smoking one cigarette takes 11 minutes off the life of an average person.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew marijuana on their plantations.

Mushrooms can, in fact, kill. The death cap is lethal with one bite and the destroying angel is often confused for a good to eat white cap mushroom.

People with Capras delusion are convinced that those closest to them have been replaced by an identical imposter.

American presidential speeches are now aimed at a seventh grade comprehension level. Fifty years ago, it was the 12th grade level.

75% of American women think they are fat, but American actresses and models are thinner than 95% of the female population.

Of the people using dating apps, 35% are married.

The drive-thru line on the opening day of a new McDonald’s in Kuwait City, Kuwait reached seven miles long.

The average human brain loses 85,000 brain cells each day but regenerates only 50 new ones.

Karoshi is a diagnosable medical condition in Japan. It means you’re being worked to death.

More Americans, 9,000 of them, choke on toothpicks each year than any other object.

Noodling, barehanded fish catching, is outlawed in many states and considered too dangerous (including in Ohio and Pennsylvania).

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